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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do We Travel?
Yes we do. We are a Traveling Chef Company.  We Bring the Experience to you,

2. What Does The Service Include?
Each service includes its own unique experience.  Click on the picture to get a breakdown of each offering.

3.  Do we provide Tables and Chairs?
Depending on the event yes.  The Backyard Hibachi Does not,

4. Does The Backyard Hibachi Includes Rice?
Yes it does. You can add on noodles for an additional fee.

5. Is The Backyard Hibachi Interactive?
Yes it is a 90 minute Interactive service.  This is the perfect service for your guest to enjoy.

6. How to book?
Click on the event that you are interested in.  Read the description.  Fill out a contact form.  You will receive a call from a Chef for a consultation.  Receive your invoice and pay half deposit.

7. Do we provide utensils?
Yes we provide carry out bowls and plastic ware.  You are welcomed to provide different plates and utensils if you would like,

8. Do we provide Sake?
Yes we do at an additional cost.


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